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RADAR REFLECTOR, #1 & #2, 1998

Despite today’s advanced technology of satellite relay positioning (LORAN), radar, first developed in World War II, continues to be a viable locate medium for commercial fishing, navigation world-wide. The radar reflector is a simple diamond-shaped device that is attached to the highest point of a boat’s rigging, or simply held aloft a pole. It is often hand-made, marked with coloration that has remained as identifying symbols for particular families down through generations.
The reflector allows a boat to be detected by radar in high seas, day or night, when other means of surface locating would prove impossible. It often is the most crucial meganism in extreme circumstances. HOME/AWAY are universal colloquialisms spoken in reference to one’s location in port or at sea, and in conversation are metaphoric extensions for the often dysfunctional quality of home and family life in fishing cultures.
RADAR REFLECTOR #1 & #2, 1998 acrylic and wood filler on paper 30” x 22” each Private collection