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Hannan Greg

OLD NARCISSUS (Pedophile), 2002

This piece was commissioned and subsequently shown in an exhibit: OBJECTS OF DESIRE at the David Adamson Gallery, Washington D.C., Spring, 2000 Using a vernacular structure alluding to both a sea chest and a trap, I have sought to describe the incidence of incest in small maritime Canadian communities I have known. As with all such affected areas that share this condition of relatedness / control, the tandem aura of shame and secrecy pervades the landscape.
The text is a list of names of all the “little boys” and “little girls” I believe have been sexually abused. Those names encircled identify those individuals whom I am certain have been abused. The ages of these individuals range now between 7 and 75. This piece could never be shown in any proximity to its source without producing untold consequences for those listed as well as myself. I know these people. I know most of their predators as well.
OLD NARCISSUS (Pedophile), 2002 found wood, Styrofoam, text. 35” x 37” x 5 Private collection