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Hannan Greg


Had one the benefit of extended view, back- perhaps a photograph crammed with relatives played across the geographies of mating and migration; those emerge who endured conquest, then bested others. Could there be a point where a primary visage is seen as one being one’s visage...repeated then recognized as juncture to this line? And if so, would the character intrinsic to that individual tag along, changing as a shadow might to follow its torso to contemporaneity? Given the vagary of creeds, this query should not seem such a traipse across faith. And given our toddler’s wisdom of genes – their loop; do we now meet those we are inclined to have met whose footprints we found ourselves alongside? Our urge is to transcend this line and reside in different points than our own map ...but this line may be what is eternal about us and if so, it is enough.
COMMUTER (installation view #1) Numark Gallery January 2000 Private collection