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Hannan Greg

African Club (2),1985

Hawkeye was an illicit frame shop (no occupancy permit) run by Mary Sillers on the 2nd floor of a dis-used storefront on 14th Street. You entered through a cage affixed to the façade of turn of the century architecture on a street still reeling from the riots of 1968. After one night of social banter with Mary I descended the stairs to exit the front door and entered the cage to this scene just beyond the mesh. The screams of the victim were so loud as to allow me to slip out un-noticed as one figure portrayed moved to further restrain the assailant.
During a reception when this piece among others was exhibited in a one-person exhibition (Narrative Paper-Osuna Gallery), I was accosted (in his inimical way) by Derek Guthrie, editor of the New Art Examiner (Chicago- based) who proclaimed, "Greg you look at evil from across the street.".......to which I replied, "Derek, if you had any idea what evil was you wouldn't dare cross the street to meet it."
AFRICAN CLUB (2) 1985 acrylic/paper 72" x 41" Artist collection